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Humor-filled video on Why PFAS are Bad

John Oliver explains why Teflon and other PFAS are bad, everywhere, and what to do about it. PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, is what makes Teflon non stick, clothing water proof, food containers resist soaking, cosmetics stay on your face etc.... Also, it is used to manufacture artificial grass.  This article has John Oliver's story (please watch the whole thing). He has some major points in there, including that this industry is and has been getting away with murder for years (at least since the '50's). There is also a link to a map where you can find your water company and see what their latest recording is of PFAS chemicals in the water your drink. There is an effort underway right now to ban PFAS as a class because they ban one and companies just switch to another one that isn't banned. 

The Mercury News reports that concerns over LGUSD's proposed artificial turf may OUTWEIGH drought mitigation.

Image from  The Mercury News Highlights of the article: There is acknowledgment that environmental concerns of artificial turf may OUTWEIGH the drought mitigation it provides . The local Sierra Club opposes LGUSD's proposed installations of artificial turf.  It's concerned about: kids overheating kids getting burned PFAS "forever" chemicals toxicity pollution of Los Gatos Creek and other bodies of water use of fossil fuels to create plastic grass potential micro-plastic pollution potential gas pollution