Keep Los Gatos schools real, for health and wellbeing of our community, urges Fisher parent.

Image from's advice on "How to write a letter to the school board".

Posted with her permission, here is an 11/8/21 letter to the LGUSD school board from a Fisher parent...

Dear Board Members,

I read that you are discussing artificial turf for our Los Gatos school fields. I urge you to reconsider these plans and listen to the voices that lay out the detrimental factors of such a solution. This is a huge decision you are making, and as it seems at the moment, not one that is in favor of health and wellbeing of the people who use the lawn - our children in Los Gatos.
The value of nature on our wellbeing and health is being researched more and more in our current times. The soothing effects on our mind, the boosting effects on our immune systems are only a few of the benefits. We don’t need to breed more allergies or autoimmune disorders in children. We don’t need to take away more calming materials and surfaces from our environments.
Why would we deprive children of a positive opportunity during their school days and replace it with yet another artificial encounter filled with toxins?
The water we use on our school lawns is not wasted, it is worth it. Saving on irrigation here is at the cost of the wellbeing of children. This is a false economy. A well watered natural lawn is clean of pollutants and enriched with immune system boosting natural dirt. Our kids need this more now than ever before. Nature takes care of itself and gives back to the people who use it. Artificial turf will be a heaven of gems and dirt that is trapped on a plastic surface roasting in the sunshine. Schools will probably end up not letting children on the lawn as much, which opens up another circle of detrimental consequences.
I can’t even fathom why someone would come up with a suggestion like the current plans. Please listen to all the well researched reasons brought forward by a group of engaged and caring parents in the community. I don’t know who is benefitting from the suggested artificial turf solution, it is definitely not the children, not nature, not wellbeing and health and not our long term environment.
Please keep Los Gatos schools real and down to earth. Nobody needs more artificial fakes.
Andrea Anderson
- mom of three older teens who went to Daves and Fisher and who cares about the health and wellbeing of our community -