Los Gatos community, this concerns you even if you don't work at or have kids at one of the affected schools.

This image from spectrumlife.org reminds us "It takes a village" to raise a community of healthy children.  Speak up for the children in your "village".

If artificial turf is installed on some subset of LGUSD campuses as part of the current landscaping project, this will be setting a precedent of artificial turf usage that may extend across all 5 campuses in time.

Actions taken by a community's public schools reflect the values, beliefs, and priorities of the community in which these schools reside.  

If you live within LGUSD boundaries, you are represented by the LGUSD school board which was elected to make decisions, including how to spend the school district's budget, on the community's behalf.  

The LGUSD school board is meant to be responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of its community.  Does use of artificial turf align with your values, beliefs, and priorities?  

Part of the mission statement of LGUSD is to develop, through role modeling, globally responsible citizens demonstrating stewardship.  Does use of artificial turf model global responsibility and stewardship?      

Community input is one of the resources the district management staff and board members factor into their decision-making.