Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society urges LGUSD to participate in the "global movement to reduce plastic and reconnect with nature"

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Highlights from Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society's 11/4/21 letter to the LGUSD school board include the following quotes:
  • We see sterile environments, such as expanses of hardscape and plastic, as hostile to human development and well being.  Schools should surround children with life - native plant gardens, trees, even lawns - not plastic.
  • Access to vegetation and nature, at all scales, is important to the development of children's physical and mental health, senses, curiosity, academics and cognitive ability.
  • Natural play areas improve children’s health, mood, and creativity.
  • Grass and artificial turf both require water; the difference being when you water grass, you water entire ecosystems, including surrounding redwoods and oaks.
  • Louise Van Meter, Daves Avenue, and Blossom Hill are all elementary schools and should foster healthy learning environments, creative spaces, and a connection to nature for our children.
  • There is a global movement to reduce plastic and reconnect with nature; let’s be a part of the solution, not the problem.
The letter also cited these two references: