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The petition below was started 11-12-2021 and was closed 1-24-2022.  
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Why?  Because there's reason to be concerned the petition below may have been misconstrued by leadership as primarily representing opposition to tire crumb rubber infill, even though LGUSD, from the start, has been proposing to use an alternative infill product.
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Los Gatos Union School District is on the verge of making significant changes to its elementary school campus landscapes with regard to play fields, classroom courtyards and outdoor play spaces, including one specifically for kindergarteners. Artificial turf is being considered for many of these surfaces. The district management staff have concluded, without sufficient evidence, that artificial turf is safe and should be considered as such by the board both now and as future installations are considered across LGUSD campuses. Mounting research questioning the safety of artificial turf should give the school district and the Town of Los Gatos pause before agreeing to unnecessarily install these products in our schools, which could have long term negative health impacts on our young children and certainly on the environment. This holds true even for installations, like the ones LGUSD is proposing, that use an infill alternative to tire crumb rubber.