Recurrent staph infections are enough reason to keep artificial turf out of LGUSD advises Los Gatos mom of 3 former child student-athletes.

Image from Dr. Axe. 

The Los Gatan, our local paper, has published another op-ed advocating to keep artificial turf off Los Gatos school campuses.  Find the first here.

This recent input comes from Denise Donnelly, a Los Gatos mom of three former child student-athletes, now college/graduate school adults.  

Denise had a very pointed message to share...


Constantly recurring. 

Don’t go there."

Hmmm... Where have we all been cautioned about increased risk of MRSA infections (the most common form of resistant staph bacteria that’s immune to many antibiotics)?  Oh yeah, LGUSD's own landscape designer warned the community about this in the artificial turf pros and cons the district distributed to all LGUSD families.