Plastic fields would not uphold the spirit of LGUSD's "Green School Operations" policy

LGUSD has a "Green School Operations" Policy...  

"The Governing Board believes that all citizens have a responsibility to be stewards of the environment and desires to integrate environmental accountability into all district operations. The Superintendent or designee shall promote green school practices that conserve natural resources, reduce the impact of district operations on the environment, and protect the health of students, staff, and community."

The policy explicitly calls out that it applies to decisions about "landscaping and grounds".

The district has cited as justification for the proposal to install plastic fields that the act, technically, would not be illegal.  Likewise installing plastic fields would, technically, not be a formal violation of LGUSD's loosely-worded Green School Operations policy.  

However, installing plastic fields would certainly constitute failing to uphold the spirit of this policy.

Let's aim higher than satisfying some minimum bar of technical compliance with law and policy.

Implore the LGUSD Board of Trustees to uphold the true spirit of the Green School Operations policy they have adopted.