U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: compliance with standard "most definitely does not mean" safe

Do not assume our government would prohibit schools from installing artificial turf if it weren't safe.

Do not assume the existence of a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ensures  consumer products are safe.

Below, read the CPSC Commissioner's statement that compliance with standard "most definitely does not mean" artificial turf is safe.  

He clarifies the artificial turf standard does not include requirements for any artificial turf system components beyond crumb rubber infill.  This is a critical point for ALL artificial turf systems, regardless of the infill product it utilizes, given, as just one example, what researchers are uncovering about the chemicals in artificial turf carpets. 

He emphasizes that artificial turf safety efforts are urgently needed, reminding us "that our youngest – and thus most vulnerable – children are the ones using playgrounds on a daily basis."

(By the way, for districts unlike LGUSD, that are considering using crumb rubber infill, take heed that he warns there is a real chance the limited, severely flawed, and voluntary artificial turf crumb rubber infill standard may provide a false sense of security for purchasers and users of artificial turf.)