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HOW hot will artificial turf get in Los Gatos!?

The above image is from  a non-local mom's Twitter post . However, a Los Gatos mom we spoke to  shared that her son experienced burns  on t he Los Gatos High School synthetic turf field  . A re you familiar with heat issues that come with artificial turf?  Artificial turf, even with plant-based infill, gets HOT.  In the 2020-2021 schoolyear, Los Gatos had 77 days above 80 degrees.   Based on data we collected from a local park, on a sunny, 80-degree Fahrenheit day, artificial turf with cork infill  was 110 degrees ! And it could actually get hotter than that. Check out these datapoints captured by others .   How would you like your 6-year-old playing soccer on a field that's 125 degrees  when the air temperature was only 84 degrees? That was the experience of the 6-year-olds in Rockwood School District. And how about when it's not such a mild day? On a 97-degree Fahrenheit day, an artificial turf field with plant-based infill could run 140 degrees! Need help understan

Artificial turf contributes to climate change and reduces resilience of Los Gatos in the face of climate-induced weather extremes. Los Gatos, be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

It's December 5th.  Happy World Soil Day ! "Did you know Soil captures more carbon than trees!"  asks Candide Soil affects the climate that makes our planet habitable.  Soil is an essential foundation for all life on Earth! L et's work together to protect and restore Los Gatos soil health on our private and public properties, and in doing so, help slow changes to our climate and bolster our town's resilience to climate-induced weather extremes. Artificial turf installations in Los Gatos desertify our soils.   Desertification of soil is the permanent degradation of previously fertile land .   Converting a living landscape to artificial turf begins with  soil excavation.  The ground beneath is then compacted and covered with crushed rock similar to how construction of roads and parking lots begin. On top of that is layered other non-absorbent lifeless materials like, in some cases, a manufactured foam shockpad and finally rugs of green-colored plastic.  Life under a