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LGUSD staff's communications regarding artificial turf in outdoor classrooms & play fields.

This page may not render properly on a small-screen device.   What is motivating LGUSD staff to promote synthetic turf?  Where might the synthetic turf go?  What will it cost?  What is the decision timeline?   Hear it straight from the horse's mouth... Below,  in reverse chronological order, find the content LGUSD staff have shared in public meetings regarding  "Outdoor Classrooms & Campus Landscaping". Decide for yourself: Have LGUSD staff fallen under the spell of synthetic turf industry marketing?   Have natural alternatives to synthetic groundcover been properly explored and fairly presented? March 2022 LGUSD Community Meetings Content shared  in  advance  of  the meetings held in March/April for each of the 5 school communities: 2/15/22 LGUSD Board Meeting Content shared  in  advance  of  the meeting: 12/14/21 LGUSD Board Meeting Content shared  in  advance  of  the meeting: 11/18/21 LGUSD Board Meeting Content shared in advance of the mee

LGUSD's Landscaping Proposal from 11/3/21 & 11/8/21

Image from LGUSD slide presentation. Rather than go hunting through various emails to try to find the full set of docs shared by the district , you can find them all aggregated at    Pros / Cons of Synthetic Turf (the landscape designer's assessment) FAQ Regarding Landscape Upgrades Outdoor Classrooms and Campus Landscaping Update (11/3/21 version) Outdoor Classrooms and Campus Landscaping Update ( new content 11/8/21 ) To get familiar with the scope, costs, and consequences of the LGUSD's ORIGINAL landscaping proposal, view this original flyer  we created before district-hosted Town Hall Meeting . Go here for a recap of the Town Hall Meeting.