Sierra Club implores LGUSD school board to choose an alternative

Image from Sierra Club's "Outdoors for All" Campaign

The Sierra Club Loma Prieta's first letter to the LGUSD school board implores them to choose an alternative to plastic grass.  The letter:

  • implores the district to leave fossil fuels in the ground, 
  • draws attention to the 11 student athletes that have recently died from heat stroke,
  • points to PFAS in the human body as sufficient reason alone to reject artificial turf entirely,
  • deems artificial turf a poor investment for its short-lived purpose citing the extreme problem that is microplastic pollution,
  • highlights social justice and equity impacts covering playgrounds with plastic.

An excerpt from Sierra Club Loma Prieta's second letter to the LGUSD school board

"Artificial turf should never be used because it is toxic to watersheds. Microplastics bioaccumulate eventually into food and access the bloodstream through the respiratory system and/or the gastrointestinal tract. The precautionary principle should prevail, especially in schools."